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Are You Finance SMARTER Than a 12th Grade? Check It Out Now!

Many people confuse assets with liabilities, spending their hard earned bucks for items that makes them no money. In the society we live in your credit is king, bad credit will limit your so called “buying power” do you know what affects our credit? Are you finance SMARTER than a 12th grade? Check it out now!

Is the US Education System Failing You?

Isn’t It Time You Discover How the System Works You and Takes Control?

“Carlos has done a prodigious job to set the foundation for anyone’s success.”
“It creates awareness of our current alarming social-economic situation,
which will doom younger generations.”
“It is especially an enlightenment to those that feel overwhelmed by everyday financial responsibilities.”
“This book is a key to success to any person not familiar with current mechanics applied by the finance system.”
                                            William Bronchick, Esq.




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